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Video editing


A graphic can be beautiful and captivating but when it becomes animated then it can remain etched in the mind and heart of the beholder.

How is a video made?

Through the use of video editing programs with Premiere Pro and After Effects it is possible to create countless types of video.

The level of complexity of a video can vary a lot but for every second of video there is a lot of editing work.

Editing then does not stop at the video but also embraces the audio part which can also go in sync with the video part.

What can I accomplish?

A video can be used to present a company, to explain a service or simply to entertain but in any case it will always be a spectacular way to present yourself.

How much?

The cost depends on the duration in seconds of the video and the complexity of the animations that compose it.

Ask me for a free quote to find out the cost of your new video.


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