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You may be wondering: what is the difference between creating a website and creating a graphical interface?
The difference is that the graphical interface is not a real website but a high fidelity prototype.
This has the purpose of being developed by a front end developer who, in collaboration with a back end developer, can create a customized site even with high complexity.

This type of service is usually requested by large companies that need a 100% customized site and that includes features that are not standard and that cannot be created with the most used platforms to create websites.

How is a prototype made?

A prototype is created with specific software (Axure or Adobe XD) and includes, in addition to graphics, also animations and interactions in order to be identical to the real site that will be developed in the next phase.
This design involves the design of each element of the site and its different versions (desktop, tablet and mobile).

What can I accomplish?

There is no limit to what can be achieved in this way: applications of all kinds, games or websites customized with every possible functionality.

How much?

The cost varies only based on the number and complexity of the pages.
The complexity of the features in this case does not matter because the graphical interface only provides for the realization of the prototype, the developers will take care of the rest in the subsequent phases.

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