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Website creation


Nowadays, not having a website means not being visible to a huge amount of buyers or users looking for information about you.

A website is an important showcase that can bring earnings effortlessly both because it is always active, 24 hours a day and because it is potentially reachable by users from all over the world. This can allow you, not only to be found, but above all to be able to enhance your brand by giving a winning image to your business or your brand.

How is a website created?

I like to think of a website as the scenography of a film, in front of it there is the visible part and behind the scaffolding that supports it. A site is made in a similar way: a structure of html, css, javascript or php codes, masked by attractive graphics (which is what the end user will actually see)

What types of websites can I build?

There are different types of websites based on the needs of the business that requests it:

Showcase sites
The simplest to make because they are only graphics and content, they do not have special features and are used to present an activity in the best possible way.

A site with a blog is a site that can be updated directly by the user by adding an unlimited number of posts that can be published on the site in complete autonomy.

An online store includes various levels of complexity, product gallery, product detail page, cart, purchase process, payment and shipping detail, after sales pages, etc ...
This is also a site that can be managed independently by the user by adding products or categories and, of course, managing orders.

It's like an e-commerce only it doesn't sell physical products but online training courses
Sites with online booking
This type of site is used for accommodation facilities such as hotels, b & bs and hostels.
The site allows you to book directly by selecting the period from a calendar and to pay.

How much?

It is not easy to give a unit price to a website, this is because the variables are numerous: the number of pages, the complexity of the graphics or the functionality of the site itself. Before giving a price it is always better to evaluate all the variables for this reason I give everyone the opportunity to request a free and no obligation quote.

What are the latest website technologies?

Surely the most important thing today is to create a site that works well on mobile devices.
This is because they are largely the most used devices to surf the internet and consequently the graphics and usability of the mobile version must be treated in detail.

What are the lead times?

Also this, as for the costs, depends on the complexity of the site but it goes from a couple of weeks for the simpler site to a month for more complex sites.

Once the site is finished can I update it myself?

Yes, it is possible to update the site independently in its dynamic contents: blogs, products, orders, reservations, etc ...


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