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Graphic design of logos


A logo in today's reality represents, no more, no less, the way people see us. Whether it represents our image on the web or on the business card, a logo is an indispensable element that defines the image of the company or the professional who uses it

What are the stages of creating a logo?

To create a logo the most important thing is creativity because the logo is pure inventiveness, it is something that does not yet exist and is waiting to take shape, it is an image that represents a meaning.

In addition to creativity, however, skills are needed, fundamental are the in-depth knowledge of vector drawing, the meaning of colors and that of shapes.

The creation of a logo, however, is not as immediate as it may seem. The work around the logo is quite extensive and consists of various phases:

  • Customer needs analysis

  • Keywords extrapolation

  • Industry and competition analysis

  • Pencil sketches on notebook

  • Creation of complex sketches (in vector on Illustrator)

  • Simplification (the superfluous is removed, the meaning remains)

  • Realization of three drafts in three different styles

  • Choice by the customer of one of the three

  • Customer Changes

  • Choice of colors

  • Final realization of the logotype (last finishing touches)

  • Band creation manual (optional)

  • Mockup of possible applications: web, paper material  and merchandising (optional)

How much?

The cost of a professional logo varies depending on the use made of it, there is clearly a difference between a shopkeeper and a large company especially from the point of view of the exploitation of the image of the logo itself (which then automatically becomes the image company itself).

Do you want to know how much it would cost to create a logo for your brand? Ask me for a free quote.

What is an operating manual (or brand manual)?

A professional logo, on request, can also be supplied with an operating manual (or brand manual).

An operating manual is a pdf file (which can also be printed) of 6 or more pages which describes the logo in its meaning.
It is represented in small and large, in black and white, in black and white, in different colors and the overall dimensions are defined. In short, a real user manual of the logo that will help the customer to know what he must and what he must not do with his logo.

Above all in an operating manual there are instructions to reproduce it later even without the help of the graphic designer who created it because from the moment the logo is paid it becomes the exclusive property of the customer (commercial property) while the intellectual property always remains at the graphic designer who conceived and created it.


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