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Packaging & Merchandising


Unlike typographic products which are mostly based on printing on paper, this type of product has no precise limits because it can be printed on any imaginable medium.

What can I accomplish?

We can customize a pen, a cup or a diary but also a padel racket or an ice cream van.
You can create the box of a pizza, a panettone or a medicine and no matter if they are made of plastic or wooden cardboard, you will always find a way to personalize them.

How do you create a merchandising product or a packaging?

Since these are products of all kinds, the complexity can be low or different depending on what we are going to customize.

Basically, however, we always start from the shape of the object, then identify the area (or areas) to be filled with the graphics.

A three-dimensional object is then transformed into a two-dimensional object, the graphics are created and then everything is sent to the typography that will print and apply the graphics produced.

How much?

Again there is a huge difference between a pen and a truck.
To find out the cost of your specific case, ask me for a free quote


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