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Menu designed for the Jungle brewery / steakhouse. 

The strong brand identity was used on each page with illustrations dedicated to the subject matter.
The flat, squared-off vector design contrasts here with the background textures creating a mix of jungle and urban


Graphic design of covers for the British publishing house Everooks

Great attention has been given to the study of colors for the creation of these illustrated covers since the subject of this collection is the psychology of emotions

AMG International

Corporate presentation brochure created for AMG International.
The captivating and aggressive graphics on a dark base enhance the identifying colors of the various sections of the company

Venice coffee ice cream shop

Price list illustrated with division into categories facilitated through the use of colors, designs and lateral perforation which gives the possibility to immediately arrive at the desired section


Product catalog for a nail polish and nail products brand.

In this case, showing the colors in the best way was essential for this, in addition to the layout, I also took care of the shooting and retouching of about 600 photos of colored tips