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Relying on a professional

10 good reasons to rely on a professional

Who needs to create their own corporate identity (brand) or their own website is faced with a difficult choice: "do I spend money to rely on a professional or do I save and do everything to my nephew who is good with computers?
The result will be more or less the same, what difference do you want it to make? "
There is a big difference.

Those who think there is no need to spend money on good design have no idea how much bad design will cost their business over time.

A commercial activity or a personal project are like children for the entrepreneur who creates them from scratch. Would you hand over your child to anyone or would you go to a professional?


On this page I will explain 10 reasons why it is always better to rely on a professional in the sector.

Know the rules
In graphics and web design there are rules that must be respected, both in the initial creation of a logo and in the design of a website or in the creation of layouts. These are rules that allow for example to use a logo on any type of support and any type of size or to create a site that can be used by all and well viewed by search engines.
A professional knows these rules well and bases his work on them.

The choice of colors
The theory of colors is a science and each different shade contains a psychological meaning that can influence those who see it in a positive or negative way.
Moreover, each color is strongly influenced by the color that is next to it, to the point of completely changing its meaning.
A professional carefully chooses the colors he will use in the project, with the help of the Pantone swatch references in order to have a consistent result both on the web and in print.

Sector and target analysis
Before starting any project, a professional studies the client's commercial sector, analyzes the competitors and identifies his target (the type of users to whom we address). Only in this way will it be able to develop a targeted strategy that will achieve tangible results.

Technical skills
To carry out graphic and web design projects, the professional studies for years the software he uses and the web codes that are used to structure the sites. All this to offer the customer a great versatility of solutions and a technically impeccable result as well as tailor-made for the customer.

Navigability and usability
The world of websites is really complex and, in addition to knowing the codes, a professional is able to create sites in which the user will feel at ease and in which he will always be able to find what he is looking for.
But there is not only this, we must consider the optimization of content and images (which affect loading times), the inclusion of meta descriptions that allow search engines to catalog our pages and our images, but even the blind to still be able to understand the content of our site.
Then there is a dedicated study that is done on the mobile version (the most used today) which provides for a dedicated design and tests on various devices.

Search engine optimization
Having a site is not everything, indeed it becomes almost useless when it is not indexed by search engines.
If a site does not end up in the first pages of search engines with different keywords it will not be viewed by anyone and consequently it will have been a wasted work.
Based on his experience, a professional analyzes the keywords of the sector, decides which ones to focus on based on the relationship between sites that already use them and the amount of searches by users, then inserts them strategically within the site using the right tags.

Knowledge of web marketing
Having a well-made site opens up a sea of opportunities for professionals to make the brand known, not only via google, but also on other channels. Depending on the sector and the material available, the professional can decide to place the mark on the network and give it its own identity using the right channels. Each channel and each social network thrives on different dynamics that must be faced with a different and dedicated approach.

Study and experience
To do any qualified job, a lot of study and experience in the sector is needed.
Experience allows us to see beyond the current moment and look to the future of the brand, to all the various possibilities that there will be so as to create a product suitable for the present needs but also for those to come.
The web professional must also continuously update to keep up with the latest technologies and trends.

A guaranteed result
Before choosing a professional, the client can see the portfolio and get an idea of how the final result will be. You will be able to choose a graphic or web designer in line with your personal tastes and have a clear idea of the result you will get.

Attention to details
A non-expert user is not able to perceive every detail of the design he is observing because not everyone has graphic knowledge and this is a fact.
But any user who observes a beautiful and balanced design will perceive a feeling of well-being in looking at it, an aesthetic pleasure that does not know exactly where it comes from but knows that it is there.
For this reason, the professional takes care of his designs in every detail, weighing every detail to create harmony and aesthetic balance.


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